Euclid House: Bed & Breakfast Redefined

Located in the breathtaking Roaring Fork Valley of western Colorado, our accommodations have been carefully designed with your health and happiness in mind. State of the art air filtration, full spectrum lighting, naturally magnetized bedding and water filtration all contribute to the a restful, relaxing experience. Take care of yourself, because…

Our goal is to create a joyful experience for each and every guest.
Come stay with us.

Please note: Euclid House will be closed (for the first time ever!) from October 16 through November 16 so that Kay and Larry can have a vacation.  We will take bookings during that time for November 17 or later.

The Bay Room

The Bay Room

The Bay Room has become our signature guest room.  This cozy ground-level bedroom features a queen-size bed and a cushioned west-facing bay window.

Master Suite: The Sanctuary

Master Suite: The Sanctuary

Perched at a bird’s eye view above Euclid House’s private gardens is the master suite, a comfortably furnished retreat with an ease and familiarity that feels like coming home.

Guest Room: Cozy Alcove

Guest Room: Cozy Alcove

For soloists and those eager to snuggle close, the Euclid House’s comfortable guest room provides a peaceful space to slow down, read a good book, or slumber in quiet bliss.

Euclid House: The Home

Euclid House: The Home

On a quite street steps from Downtown Carbondale, there is a unique Victorian home discreetly nestled among the shade of blue spruce, red maple, Canadian cherry, and fragrant lilac.

Visit Carbondale, Colorado where life resonates at a vibrational tenor that rejuvenates and inspires.


Garden Weddings

Accommodating up to 60 guests

Board Retreats

Indoor/outdoor seating for 8

Wellness Retreats

Yoga, Massage, Spirituality...

Family Reunions

Great location for family fun

Hosted Events

Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc

Healthy Retreats

Nutrition, Private Chef, Nikken

Larry and Kay are your hosts, and they are good at what they do! Kay has been running Euclid House for many years now. She’s prepared with everything you could possibly need, whether it’s sunscreen or her tasty homemade granola. Larry’s calm demeanor will make you feel at home.


Location: 378 Euclid Ave.,Carbondale, Colorado 81623